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พาชมงาน BLOCKCHAIN EXPO KOREA 2018 ที่เมืองปูซาน

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On the 26-27 July 2018, ZMINE attended the BLOCKCHAIN EXPO KOREA 2018 held in Busan. South Korea

The venue is the Busan International Terminal Exhibition & Convention Center (BPEX) Most countries that participate in this event are majority from South Korea and Thailand, ZMINE also could not miss this opportunity. South Korea is a very active country about Cryptocurrency and blockchain, there are many famous trading platforms that was originated in South Korea. Whenever there is a news about Cryptocurrency from korea, often affects the price of many other major coins in the global market.

At the fair, there will be a variety of booths from various companies related to blockchain that joined the showcase. ZMINE was also displaying the mini mining rig and also shows the direction of the ZMN Token through the ICO.

Exhibitors will be able to perform business showcase on stage, where ZMINE has taken this opportunity to announce the launching of GPU Portal and Master Queue, a Smart Queuing System for buying and selling GPUs to mine in ZMINE’s mining system. More details will be updated on ZMINE’s official website and other official channels.

Displaying Mini Mining Rig


Busan governor visits ZMINE Booth

ZMINE have a lucky draws for those who visit the booth (Give away Trezor Hardware wallet)


Exhibitors joined opening ceremony together

A group shot before performing on the stage


ZMINE annonced the GPU PORTAL and MASTER QUEUE on stage.