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“ZLADY GURU Powered by ZMINE, Chapter 1: MasterQueue Reward”

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“Chapter 1: MasterQueue Reward”

Have you check? that MasterQueue Reward have just been rewarded for first time yesterday. For people who don’t understand the process of the reward yet, you can see from this ZLADY GURU and check your own reward at


Everyone knows what is the MasterQueue Reward and how they get it but do you know “What are the MasterQueue Reward payout dates?”


So, MasterQueue Reward will be paid to the rightful users in the MasterQueue system 4 times a month.


Which are 4th, 12th, 20th, and 28th of every month


However, every users have their MasterQueue Level and its level will be increased every payout dates which equals 4 levels a month and the maximum level is 10.


“Stay tuned for the next chapter of ZLADY GURU on every Friday. Let’s see what she will reveal your questions!”