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“ZLADY GURU Powered by ZMINE, Chapter 4: What is GPU Portal?”

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“Chapter 4: What is GPU Portal?”


GPU Portal is a system which developed by ZMINE, in order to, add values to ZMN Token and create more benefits for ZMN holders. So, this system will allows ZMN holders to transfer ZMN into credit (USDz) for purchasing any products in ZMINE Marketplace.

GPU Portal system will support ZMN holders for purchasing products in ZMINE Marketplace on ZMINE Websites.


But there are two steps to do before you can go shopping in ZMINE Marketplace. First, ZMN holders have to deposit their ZMN into GPU Portal system first, and the system will convert those ZMN to credit (USDz) for purchasing.


Secondly, ZMN holders will receive an amount of credit (USDz) depends on the selling price they set to meet the market price of ZMN at the time they complete their transactions.


Just two easy steps and you can now using your USDz for shopping in ZMINE Marketplace on ZMINE Websites your convenience.


Thank you for enjoying this content, I hope this content is useful to you even more or less. Stay tuned for the next chapter of ZLADY GURU on every Friday. Let’s see what she will reveal your questions!”