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zmine report 20181002

“ZMINE Operation Update 2018/10/02”

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“ZMINE Operation Update 2018/10/02”


Dear All,

As we’ve seen in the past months, most of home users and many mining companies had to turn off their miners because their mining revenue is lower than their electricity bills.

In February 2015, ZMINE team has passed through this point before and we have been prepared for this. Now, we turn on automatic adjusting algorithm which run a maximum performance every nights and holidays (which electricity cost is at lower than 0.1$/kWh) and run a maximum efficiency on day times. This procedure surely declines our revenue a lots. But on the other hand, it allows our system to be still profitable and able to keep on operation.

Anyways, we are negotiating with our foreign mining site partners which have very low electricity cost rate and we will deploy test unit at there soon. This is why we decided to delay our GPU portal to the last quarter of this year. So, if the test process is worked, our users will have an option to deploy their graphic cards on our new mining sites.

As passionate in cryptocurrency and graphic card industry, we are here for long term and we can assure you that ZMINE will keep up on business and give our best to bring all benefits to every ZMN token holders.

PS. Our Buyback&Burn policy are open for change to better things, please feel free to make a suggestion on our telegram channel or facebook page. We will have an conclusion announcement on 8th October, 2018.