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Singapore Week of Innovation & TeCHnology

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On September 17-20, 2018 ZMINE team joint SWITCH 2018 (Singapore Week of Innovation & TeCHnology) at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre


SWITCH is a platform concept event week that brings together partners from around the world in the technology, innovation and enterprise ecosystem in a series of complementary tech events. Participants joint for showcasing on the stage with the following topics :

  • Liveable Cities
  • Minds & Machines
  • Experiential Tech
  • Knowledge Diffusion
  • Modern Services
  • Restorative Innovation
  • Cognitive Disruption
  • Venture & Build
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Intelligent Networks
  • Future of Health


The embience in the SWITCH 2018

The event consists of a zone booths of start up from Singapore, Japan, Philippines, booths, there are many interesting projects from each booths. Such as :

– is like a market platform who brings car’s buyers and sellers together. As the matter of fact, Singapore is considered as one of the country that have a high standard of living, and cost of the cars are quite expensive. Other than that, what’s more expensive than a car price is the ownership taxation. For instance, If a person would get a car, he or she have to purchase license that is like an allowance of how many years this car can be used. Moreover, the maintenance cost also slightly high.

The is the Japanese AI platform that allow users to compose their own music by choosing the scene, mood and range of the music with the maximum of 5 minutes. AI will be processeing and composing a unique music created by users. In addition, users are able to adjust the selection part of the songs such as inter, break, outro, or climax. This platform is suitable for resteruants and spas to create their own enternaining music.

– Opsis Pte Ltd ( is a Singaporean platform that have the ability to detect facial expression and process the current emotion of a person of how they feel. The result will display as a circle graph with the emotion spot, and it’s able to defect several faces at the same time. This program has been tested with people in subway in Singapore before brought up for a real usage.

– airmaker
Airmaker is a platform helps to match the problems that the Startups are facing, the system will store the file confidentially and match with the consultant and come up solutions

– Doog (
Doog is a robotic trolly that able to follow us like a dog by detecting the infrared sensors, which came up with a very adorable appearance and friendly price cost of 3,000 USD

– Retargetlinks (
Retargetlinks platform enables users to reach out the specific interested topics easily. In general, when purchasing ads on Google, we have to pay a lot of money in order to have all sources and also helps our ads to be sent to the target customer’s group. Therefore, Retargetlinks has been made to enable us to deliver messages or advertising directly to the target group with the charge of 8 USD / 1,000 CPM.

– Ovivia ( is an Application that has been invented by a Filipino team for savings and investment planning, especially for women.

– Upcloud ( is the online storage provides cloud storage like amazon