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#4th Buy Back and Burn

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#4 BBB Summary

The amount of BTC used to buy back in the amount of 9.18252481 BTC, which comes from mining profit from 1 August-31 August 2018


#4 Buy Back Strategy

Buyback Exchange Pair
1. with ZMN/THB
2. with ZMN/BTC

Buyback order at
06:01-10:00 : Place buy order of 1,000,000ZMN at 1.50THB per ZMN

Buyback order at
14:01-23:59 : Cancel above order, place buy order with all remaining buyback fund at Market Order (best available rate).


#4 BBB Result

Price chart in is increased from  1.04 THB/ZMN to 1.14 THB/ZMN

Price chart in is increased from 460 satoshi/ZMN to 560 satoshi/ZMN

The amount obtained from the BBB is 1,700,341.3169501 ZMN, representing 1.26% of Circulate Supply.

Amount of token from is 1,325,971.3169501 ZMN and token from is 374,370.00 ZMN

Which tokens at Buy Back is divided into 3 parts;

Part 1 total amount is 850,170.65847505 ZMN (50%) will be burned

Part 2 total amount is  680,136.52678004 ZMN (40%) will be distributed to MasterQueue

Part 3 total amount is 170,034.13169501 ZMN (10%) will be distributed to ST Rewards around @1, @2


#4 Burnt Tokens

TxID Status

Token supply before burning is 784,762,169.79 ZMN

Token supply afterburn is 783,911,999.13 ZMN