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ZMN second-round vote result

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From the vote of the second round of 500M ZMN has been ended in the past month. We would like to announce that the vote for BURN is won. Therefore, 500,000,000 ZMN Token in this round will be burned on June 5th, 2019 accordingly.



as the following detail.

vote on

Vote for BURN

Vote for KEEP


vote by smart contract

Vote for BURN

  • Contract: ZmineVoteBurn
  • Contract address: 0xd67069d5c76028c81cbcba7c8fa0253d6aad3601
  • Totally 15,451.5618 ZMN (You can check by this link at “11. countVoteScore”. The number 15451561800000000000000  wei is equal to 15,451.5618 ether)

Vote for KEEP



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