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How to vote for ZMN second round on website

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The vote for the Second round Token 500,000,000 ZMN, as previously said, will be open for voting by the Token holders. To decide what to do in the next step ;

  1. BURN – Burn all tokens
  2. KEEP to be used in a beneficial way for token holders, or taking as a company’s token, for instance,

The voting process is open for voting in 2 ways:

  1. Website
  2. Smart contract

This article will describe the procedure for voting on website

How to vote on

There are 2 steps to run the process:

  1. Deposit ZMN token on before May 29, 2019 GMT
  2. Vote on website on May 29, 2019


1. Deposit ZMN token on before May 29, 2019 GMT


 Login to the website at


Go to My Account you will see the ‘Deposit Address’ for depositing ZMN Token to your wallet in the website


3 days before voting starts The system will display a notification on the Dashboard

The system will snapshot the amount of ZMN Token To use as the number of voting rights on May 29, 2019, 00.00 GMT


2. Vote on website on May 29, 2019


When the time for voting has been opened from May 29, 2019, 00.00.01 GMT until May 29, 2019, 23.59.59 GMT

On the dashboard will display snapshot’s amounts of  ZMN, BURN button and KEEP button


If there is no ZMN Token deposit before May 29, 2019, 00.00 GMT, the credit amount will be 0.0000 and cannot be voted.


When pressing the vote, there will be a button to press ‘confirm’ again.


Once confirmed, the vote is considered done, The system will show the voting results as shown below

บน Recent Activities จะแสดง Log การโหวตไว้


At the end of the voting period, The system will display the results as shown above.